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Manipal hospital is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care services to nursing women and children. Our medical equipment and facilities that are at par with world class standards, so we ensure that you get the highest level of treatment to your health problems. Here at Manipal, we integrate the traditional virtues of hospitality with advanced medical treatment facilities and see to that you get the best care possible.

Consultation with our doctors starts with fixing of an appointment either by phone call or by visiting our hospitals in person, after which you will be given a Manipal record file and a unique Identification number which you can use for your subsequent visits.

Manipal Eyecare is a complete eye care centre which provides medical and surgical treatments for all kinds of ailments related to the eye. On duty is a team of highly skilled ophthalmologists who use the latest cutting edge technology to provide the best possible eye care in the country. The centre has 3 dedicated operation theatres and an ultra-modern day care unit for the convenience of its patients. It is up-to-date with the latest diagnostic equipment such as the corneal topograph, pachymeter, MEL-80 Carl Zeiss Exciemer laser, PDT, digital imaging system and many more.

In case you want to get admitted in our wards, you have a lot of options to choose from, like:

Category of rooms

There are 7 categories of rooms available in Manipal Hospital:

  • General (Multiple Bed sharing)-5 Bed Sharing room, comes with AC, attached Bathroom. There is no cot for attendant.
  • Semi Special (Twin sharing) - Comes with AC, attached bathroom, and a cot for attendant.
  • Executive Semi Special (Executive Twin Sharing) - This is similar to twin sharing, but the rooms are newer and bigger and are equipped with a lot of patient-friendly facilities
  • Special (Single Occupancy) - Comprises an AC, attached bathroom, TV, and cupboards
  • Executive Special (Executive Single) - similar to single rooms, but the rooms are much bigger and comfortable
  • Ultra Special - These are larger than single rooms and have better facilities. In addition to the single room facilities, there are also refrigerators, cupboards and a few more facilities
  • Ultra Deluxe (Suit) - The Suit consists of fully-furnished AC room, waiting room and dining area, cot for the patient and the attendant, 2 TV sets, sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator, cupboards, and safe lock
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Amenities at Manipal hospital are among the best you can ever find in India. Here are some of the essential amenities you can find in our hospitals:

  • Transport-Emergency ambulance services round the clock for immediate pick up/drop
  • Special Nurse - If any sick or old patient wants special care we can have a special nurse assist you whenever you need help. Just contact our desk, and we'll arrange a special nurse immediately.
  • Telecommunication - We have computers with internet facilities available at our premises. Hospital phone lines will always be available at your bedside. In case of emergency help, you can contact our receptionists.
  • Television - TV sets are available for the appropriate room categories; this has already been discussed above.
  • Travel Desk - In case of any travel related queries; you can contact our travel desk and get the required information.
  • Parking - There is a big parking area that can accommodate hordes of two wheelers and four wheelers. Valet Parking available until 8PM.
  • ATM - For emergency cash withdrawals, we have set up ATM centre for your convenience.
  • Well-maintained canteens - Our canteens are equipped with modern canteen facilities where you will get a variety of foods and beverages to refresh yourselves.
  • 24 Hours service - Complete 24 Hour support from NICU& Intensive care facilities, Blood bank, Operation Theatre, Anaesthesia & Laboratory services
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Facilities available for Glaucoma are:

Tests done

What does the test examine

How is the test done

Applanation Tonometry

IOP measurement & Check Inner eye pressure

The eye is numbed via eye drops. The examiner then uses a tonometer to measure the inner pressure of the eye through pressure applied by a puff of warm air / tiny tools


Using a special lens to look at the eye, where the iris meets the cornea

Eye drops are used to numb the eye. Then a hand-held contact lens with a mirror is placed gently on the eye to allow the examiner to see the angle between the cornea and the iris.


The shape & colour of optic nerve head

Eye drops are used to dilate the pupil. A small magnification device with a light on the end is used to examine the magnified optic nerve.


Computerised Visual Field Analyser allows the examiner to map the patient’s field of vision

The patient looks straight ahead and is asked to indicate when light passes the patients peripheral field of vision.

RNFL Analysis by OCT

Thickness of the nerve fiber layer & structural or anatomical changes in the retina are examined

Look at a yellow-green spot inside the machine and technology does the rest.


Thickness of the cornea

The examiner places a pachymeter gently on the front of the eye to measure its thickness.

Fundus Photograph



YAG Laser

Effectively remedies haze or opacity of the capsule.

Creates an opening in the center of the cloudy capsule, removes the opacity from your line of sight, without making an incision/ touching the eye.

Argon Laser

Creates a passage for fluid flow, thus reduces IOP

Use a laser to make more openings in the drainage pathways (the trabecular meshwork) in your eye

Facilities available at Retina Center:

The Retina Center is fully equipped with the most modern equipments and offers the best of technology to tackle the most complex retinal diseases. The following facilities are available at the Retina Center:

  • Computerized Digital Imaging System: This is useful for performing Fundus Photography, Fluorescein Angiography, ICG Angiography and Auto fluorescence Imaging.
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) gives us high resolution images of the retina to understand and treat the retinal disease process better.
  • Alcon Ultrascan B-Scan Ultrasound Imaging System: This is a useful investigative tool to assess the status of the retina and the other eye structures.
  • Zeiss VISULAS 532 Laser: For performing laser treatment in different retinal diseases. The system includes the slit lamp delivery and the indirect laser delivery system.
  • PDT Laser (Photodynamic Therapy) is used to treat specific age related retinal problems.
  • IRIS Medical 810 Laser System: Used for micropulse laser delivery and for transpupullary laser delivery for treatment of specific retinal conditions.
  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer: Useful for monitoring the visual fields in patients with different retinal and optic nerve disorders.
  • Fundus Camera for fundus photography, Auto auto fluorescence image, FFA and ICG

The ultra modern operating room facility at the Retina Center is well equipped to perform regular retinal surgeries and also the small gauge 23, 25 Vitrectomy (is the surgical remove of the vitreous gel from the middle of the eyes). The surgical facility at the

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Facilities available for Diabetes Retinopathy are:

  • Digital Imaging System
  • B-Scan Ultrasound
  • A-Scan Ultrasound
  • Visual Field Analyser
  • Slit lamp. Indirect and Endo Laser delivery system
  • Nd-YAG Laser
  • Colour vision and Contrast sensitivity estimation VEP

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