Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplasty is a Sub-specialty in Ophthalmology which deals broadly with disorders of the eyelid, orbit and lacrimal system. At Manipal eye care, we are well equipped to perform special surgical procedures that preserve eye sight and also improve the normal facial appearance. Some of these cases require co-management of ENT, Plastic, Neurosurgeons etc., and here at Manipal Hospital we have the unique facility for the same. Walk in to consult our team about the wide range of solutions available to you to restore your vision and appearance of your eyes. Facilities available through the Oculoplastic division:

For Eyelids:

Eyelids normally have a single row of eyelashes on the upper (average 150 lashes) and lower lids (average 75 lids), pointing outwards away from the eye. The spectrum of eyelid problems includes eyelid malpositions, lid lacerations, and finally, inflammatory, benign and malignant conditions.

  • Eyelid Malposition
    • Ptosis correction for drooping of eyelid
    • Entropion correction
    • Ectropian Correction
    • flid Retraction
    • Lid Reconstruction
    • Epiblepharon correction
  • Botulinum toxin or Botox injections
  • Lid lacerations
  • Conditions being Inflammatory, benign and malignant
  • Blepharoptosis or Droopy eyelid.

For Lacrimal Glands:

Also known as the tear Gland, this gland helps in secreting tears. They are located above and to the side of the. It secretes electrolytes and water, which helps to nourish and protect the eyes.

  • External Dacryocystostomy with Silicone Intubation DCR
  • Canalicular repair
  • Probing and syringing of tear duct in children
  • Balloon dacryocystoplasty / dacryoplasty (DCP)
  • Punctal occlusion for dry eyes syndrome
  • External and Endoscopic Tear Duct surgeries
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There are a whole range of situations when emergency treatment is needed for the eyes. Injuries around the eyes may need to be assessed and treated by an Oculoplastic surgeon. Trauma around the eye commonly involves the eyelids but may also affect the tear duct (fine canaliculus) and the orbit. Cheek bone injuries (Maxillary bone) can affect the nasolacrimal duct (wide tear duct). Young people are more commonly involved in accidents, often sport related. These can include:

  • Chemical injury - irrigate the eye well 10-15 minutes before coming to eye casualty.
  • Sudden loss of vision within the last four to six hours.
  • Sudden onset of painful red eye.
  • Injury to the eye / Eyelid tear: (When the eyes/ eyelid are injured, they may lacerate and tear)
  • Orbital Fracture (They generally can be seen along with midface trauma.
At Manipal we help in recovery of all the above problems.

For Eye Socket Surgeries:

  • Enucleation with implants
  • Evisceration with implants
  • Exenteration
  • Dermis fat grabt
  • Socket rehabilitation
  • Contracted socket repair
  • Anophthalmic socket rehabilitation
  • Customized Prosthesis
  • Socket reconstructive surgery
  • Removal of grossly damaged eyes with artificial implants
  • Artificial eye shell fitting etc.

For Orbit:

  • Orbitotomy:
  • Thyroid associated protrusions
  • Orbital Fracture repair etc
  • Orbital surgeries for removal of tumours
  • Reconstructions for trauma cases etc

Cosmetic Surgeries:

  • Botox injection for removal of wrinkles
  • Injection of Fillers
  • Sagging and bulges repair with blepharoplasty surgery
  • Brow lifts
  • Epicanthus correction
  • Eyelid skin tightening
  • Removal of warts

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