Paediatric Ophthalmology Surgery

It is a sub-specialty of ophthalmology dealing with eye diseases, visual development, and vision care in children. 50 percent of childhood blindness is preventable or treatable. Early detection can save your child. Children experience a variety of eye problems, many quite distinct from adult eye diseases.

It is a well known fact that learning is 80 percent visual. Thus seeing properly is very crucial for success in learning at school. Some things to be kept in mind are:

  • Child's eyes are working together
  • Child has good depth perception
  • Child has proper colour perception
  • Child can focus properly
Paedratic Eye Hospital In Bangalore

Consult your Ophthalmologist, if your child has:

  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Difficulty in maintaining eye contact & fixation
  • Poor eye tracking skills
  • Poor performance in school, viewing blackboard from a distance
  • Eyes shaking
  • Started holding objects too close to eyes
  • Headache, eyestrain or double vision
  • Developed a habit of tilting head to one side
  • Squinting or closing of one eye
  • Both parents wearing glasses
  • Family History of eye problems

Pre-School check is a must for all children.

Paediatric ophthalmologists are specially trained to manage the following disorders:

  • Squint or Strabismus: Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes where both eyes are not looking in the same direction. This misalignment may be constant or may be present throughout the day or it may appear occasionally and the rest of the time the eyes may be straight; this is called as intermittent squint.
  • Amblyopia: A child with strabismus also has a chance of developing Amblyopia. Amblyopia occurs when the pathways that carry vision messages from the eye to the brain are not strong enough; As a result, the brain favours the other eye. The condition is also known as lazy eye. Amblyopia happens to be the most common cause of vision problem in Children.

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